Crysis 3 "I am a Human" Intro von PH-PC
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Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Wir haben bereits in der Vergangenheit von dem PH-PC-Team berichtet, denen ein normales Let's Play nicht ausreicht. Ihr Anspruch: Crysis 3 als Film mit einer erweiteren Story, zusätzlichen Soundeffekten, Bildfiltern, einem tollen Soundtrack und guter Inszenierung!

Jetzt könnt ihr hier das fertige Intro des Films anschauen! Viel Spaß!


Wollt ihr eure Meinung zu dem Film direkt an das Team abgeben? Dies ist bei uns im Forum möglich. Dort findet ihr auch unfertige Videos und könnt so einen Vorab-Eindruck gewinnen. "I am a Human" - Thread im Global Gameport Forum

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Rahul - or 1080p your PC may 25.05.2015 11:30
or 1080p your PC maybe causing the jerynkess in the video. I'm playing it and there's no frame rate issues.Also you keep going on about the sub HD aspect. It's only a little lower then 720p on 360 and bit more on the PS3 and that's for Crysis 2. You can't tell by these videos if Crysis 1 is sub HD it's just not high enough quality do do a pixel count. You make it sound like COD low res.Also this is one of the best looking FPS on consoles as far as far as I can tell. You just never give any credit where credit is due as far as the 360 is concerned and that is why no one can take you seriously. I bet you think Resistance 3 looks better than this.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 1 vote)
Anielka - The bugs are evi 25.05.2015 23:46
The bugs are evidence of it being ruhesd out . I swear u speak before u engage ur brain.They said that they had to rush out game , it had been delayed already once, and they even were unable to implement their full gi system, as they didn't have time to make it stable.Ai glitches, the sound glitch, etc etc, those weren't results of poor optimization , just lack of quality testing and time to fix glitches.Sp game was pretty decent framerate wise, and the mp was certainly problematic in parts , especially on ps3. I played both, and ps3 was definitely poorer of two in mpVN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 3 votes)
Janaye - Keep these arteclis 27.05.2015 13:39
Keep these arteclis coming as they've opened many new doors for me. [url=]surnla[/url] [link=]msnwugwj[/link]
Willem - That isn't changing 27.05.2015 21:05
That isn't changing netowrk location, that's changing netowrks. What is needed under this title is how to change the default printer, on the same netowrk, but on a different PC WITH roaming profiles. So, when at one end of the building the user defaults to the closest printer. When they move to another PC, on the same netowrk, too far from the previous printer, their default is changed, automatically, to the nearest one to that location.
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